Shipping costs vary widely depending on the project.

1). Paper prints, whether off-the-shelf or custom orders, are shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. for a flat rate of $15.00 by way of the US Postal Service. They are shipped rolled up in a heavy cardboard tube. We can ship up to two paper prints in a single tube for the same price.

2). Canvas prints (digital work printed on canvas) can also be shipped rolled up in a cardboard shipping tube, but the heavier weight of the fabric adds some additional cost, usually $2.00-$4.00. If the canvas print is stretched onto a rigid framework prior to shipping, costs rise quickly: the same picture that can be shipped rolled up for under $20 can easily cost upwards of $200 (depending upon the size) due to the protective packaging required to prevent damage, as well as the dimensional formula used by the shipping companies to calculate costs. It is far more cost-effective to have the canvas print shipped in a tube, then have a local frame ship stretch and mount the canvas prior to the final decorative framing.

3). For original oil paintings, there is pretty much no escape from the higher shipping costs. The painting must be packaged well to prevent damage, and depending on the size and distance, costs can be in the $200 range. Occasionally, customers have come up with imaginative ways to circumvent this, by using their employee account with a cargo carrier, or having a friend pick up the painting as they pass through the airport near my home. Those situations are resolved on a case-by-case basis.

Our Return Policy

Fortunately, we have rarely had to deal with returns. On occasion there is a printing flaw that we fail to see, and sometimes the product is damaged in transit. In any case, if there is anything about one of our products that does not meet the customer’s expectations, please contact us and we will do whatever is necessary to make things right.