Custom Art

Custom art allows the customer the opportunity to own a truly personal, one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. This can be to recognize the successful completion of one’s career, depict a unique event that holds cherished memories of specific people or places, or perhaps just a scene that brings pleasure to the individual.

Custom images can be created as original oil paintings or digitally crafted using Corel Painter.

Digital images can be printed either on paper or canvas, and oil paintings can be done on either canvas or hardboard. Each method has advantages, depending on the needs and preferences of the customer.

Career Summary Paintings

Over the last 30 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with numerous people to help bring a desired scene to life. Career summary pictures are a lot of fun, taking a lifetime of achievement and a collection of faded photos and distilling them into a single, comprehensive image. Truly a work of art!

Some previous images have included a moment in time when a father and son, flying different aircraft, have crossed paths in the sky; or the connection between a current aviator and the spirit of a departed parent who inspired their love of flight.

Retiring from a career as a professional pilot is a bittersweet milestone. The odd hours, the long days, or the frustrating days of bad weather or delays won’t be missed; and there won’t be any more holidays spent in a hotel far from family and loved ones. But there will also be no more of those breathtaking sunrises over distant lands, or the satisfaction of guiding a complex piece of technology through a perfect approach under difficult conditions; and the friendships that will become more difficult to maintain without the common connection of the workplace.

A career summary painting is a unique and very personalized way to recognize this important moment. Choosing a specific selection of aircraft, including military, commercial, corporate, or general aviation, artist Jerry Anderson can create a gift that will bring lasting pleasure during the years following retirement. Using both his extensive personal library and online sources, he can research specific paint schemes, airline liveries, and squadron markings to produce an accurate family heirloom to honor your retiring aviator.


Pricing for custom art and career summary paintings varies widely, depending upon factors such as size, number of aircraft, detail of background, insignias, etc.

Please contact Jerry to discuss ideas and pricing!