The Rescue Of Streetcar 304


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Size 21″ x 28″

This image depicts the dramatic rescue of US Navy pilot Kenny Wayne Fields (“Streetcar 304”) after being shot down over Laos in 1968. Signed by the artist and Kenny Wayne Fields.



In 1968, U.S. Navy A-7 pilot Kenny Wayne Fields (callsign Streetcar 304) launched from the USS America on his very first combat mission. Flying into Laos, he dropped his bombs in the midst of an enemy trap and was shot down. Ejecting from his disabled aircraft, he parachuted into an area containing an estimated 20,000 heavily-armed North Vietnamese soldiers, who immediately set out to capture him. Over the next 40 hours, the Air Force flew 189 sorties in one of the largest rescue efforts of the Vietnam War. Before it ended, four pilots had ejected, seven planes were lost or heavily damaged, and, at one point, seven airmen awaited rescue behind enemy lines. Lt. Fields was finally rescued in a dramatic climax under heavy enemy fire. To read the gripping first-hand account, purchase his book by clicking HERE