Shue Boys Toys


Size: 20″ x 28″

“Shue Boy’s Toys” is a fanciful scene depicting an idealized airport setting and four aircraft currently or previously owned by the Shue brothers of Emigsville, PA.



John and Charlie Shue have been flying for more than 65 years, and have been in the aircraft restoration business for over 56 years. John and his son, Scott, are experts in the accurate rebuilding of vintage aircraft, specializing in restoration of Waco biplanes. They have restored 25-30 aircraft and helped with numerous other projects. A testament to the world-class standard of their work is their winning of two "Grand Champion" awards at the Experimental Aircraft Association international convention in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.   

The Waco UPF-7, Piper J-3 Cub, and Beech Staggerwing depicted in the painting are currently owned by the Shues, as is the 1929 Ford Model A pickup truck. John has owned the UPF-7 for 46 years; and taught Scott to fly in it; Scott soloed it on his 16th birthday. The KR-31 in the painting was owned by Charlie, and now resides in a museum collection in Hagerstown, MD.