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I recently received a request for a somewhat different type of image from what I normally do; but I was more than happy to explore a new direction. In this case, the customer has seen my "career composite" images of aircraft and wondered if I could produce something similar to honor his father's service in the U.S. Navy. I took a lot of work and time to research subjects that are not only less familiar to me, but also very complex and detailed. there was also the issue that, of the many photos of the USS New Jersey and other vesseal onlie, there is still the issue of making sure the photos used for reference are from the proper era, with appropriate configuration and equipment. However, it does appear that the effort paid off! According to his son who commissioned the picture:

"The print turned out great!  My dad loves it and hasn’t stopped showing it off to people that visit him.  Thanks so much for the awesome work."

And thank you for your service, Mr. Anglin!


   I have known Jerry Anderson for over 25 years and worked with him during those first 18.  Jerry has a passion for aviation and the unique ability to capture & transform that compelling emotion into his art work.  

   Jerry's creativity and attention to detail are what place him far above other aviation artists. 

   You may have already seen his paintings as they adorn the walls of airline corporate offices, military bases and in the homes of many active & retired aviators! Jerry's airplane art has also graced the front and back covers of aviation magazines. 

   I own several of his aviation prints and have ordered prints of the newly introduced Boeing 767-200 in MAXjet Airways colors. I plan to commission Jerry to paint a montage of civilian aircraft, airliners and helicopters that I have flown during my aviation career. 


David G, Captain

    We enjoy the A320 (Shades of Blue) print very much and have received many compliments over the years.  It was the first thing we carried into our new home in 2006! Without JetBlue, we would not have been able to buy the house to begin with, ha!

Jeanne W.

   I first came across Jerry Anderson’s art about 3 years ago and was looking for the perfect occasion to commission a painting.  As my father approached his retirement, I reached out to Jerry about a few different ideas I had to celebrate his career as a pilot.  Jerry worked to take my idea and put paint to canvas for an incredible painting.  He also collaborated with me to create a unique computer print showcasing our airplane.  Jerry was great throughout the entire process, giving me regular updates all the way through shipping to make sure I received everything ok.  I can’t recommend Jerry enough for his artistic work, as well as his professionalism.

Dustin C




That picture arrived today and it looks really good! Now that I see it too, I'm really glad about having the wings and the company names down along the bottom. I think it makes the whole thing look so much better and more clear to anybody who sees it.

I know it's taken a while to get this done and obviously I can tell you had to do a bunch of work on it, but it sure looks to me like the end result is well worth it. I guess a lot of people must think so since you seem to be pretty busy!

So then thanks very much for doing all this and I really appreciate all your efforts. I know I'm going to enjoy this print for all  of my retirement and in fact I'll probably like it even more as my past career marches farther back into the past. This will always be an excellent reminder of my past life. 


Thanks again then!

 John S., Captain FedEx (retired)


Jerry and Sheri,

Just a quick check-in and update to let you know that my friend Don, the MD-11 print recipient, was pretty much out of his mind when he saw his framed print.  We had just left my study as he was "commenting" on the A-300 print that I had hanging (ie, giving me a real load of crap).  We walked into the bedroom where he and his wife would be staying, and on the bed I had his print front-side down.  Again, giving me a load of crap, he said, "what’s this on our bed?"  He flipped it over and then flipped himself over and over and over.  He has thanked us profusely time and again over the past week.

Needless to say, he is extremely pleased with your work, as I am, too.

Just thought I'd let you know that all things turned out as expected.  Thanx, again, for making two old guyz very happy.


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