American Hometown Series

  Over the last few decades, many of America's traditional small towns have suffered the loss of both business and population, as economic trends have bypassed historical shopping areas and drawn shoppers to malls and "big box" retailers. In recent years, a nationwide effort has been launched to reverse this decline and revitalize the "mainstreets" in the downtown sections of thousands of small and medium-sized communities across the nation.

   Doing what he calls "Visioneering", artist Jerry Anderson can use photographs of the current downtown to create images of what these towns can be in a picturesque, postcard-like style to "capture the vision" of what the town could be if the necessary resources are assembled. Jerry believes that this effort could help to gain public support for projects aimed at restoring what was once a quaint and vibrant aspect of our unique American culture, while also reviving a sense of community and promoting a society that values the personal relationships for which small towns are famous.

   These images could be reproduced as prints to be used as a fundraiser for the town's revitalization project.

   Please contact Jerry to discuss ideas and pricing!


Warren Pa Prints Available

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"A Vision of Warren, Pa"

Image size: 20.5" x 16"
Overall size: 23" x 19"

Price: $65


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"Christmas in Warren, Pa"

Image size: 20.5" x 16"
Overall size: 23" x 19"

Price: $65


Jerry Anderson

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