"Air-Toons" are a new extension of Jerry's artistic talents, resulting from his education in the new field of computer illustration. This method allows him to create vivid, colorful images that have the added benefit of extreme flexibility. Not only can new images be created relatively quickly, but existing images can be customized to satisfy whatever personal touches the customer desires.

  These images can be produced in various sizes, and can also be transferred to a variety of products such as coffee mugs, T-shirts, stickers, license plates, and a number of other items. Take a few moments to browse some of the pictures in this section and see if it starts the thought process for a unique gift that commemorates a special occasion…a first flight, a retirement, or any other situation that might require a personalized image. Many more images are already on file, and any specific new image can be created upon request!

  Please contact Jerry to discuss ideas and pricing! 




Join Alex the Airplane and his friends on an adventure in the world of aviation! Stay tuned!


Additional examples of Airtoons: 



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