"Well Done"

   This painting was commissioned in honor of the lifelong ministry of Pastor Paul J. Wislocky, on the occasion of his retirement. Pastor Wislocky was the Senior Pastor at Christian Life Assembly in Camp Hill, PA.

   CLA began in a Camp Hill restaurant in 1979. "Pastor Paul," as he is affectionately known, has pastored CLA since 1982. Since that humble beginning, the church has grown into the largest in the Pennsylvania-Delaware District of the Assemblies of God, occupying a 22-acre campus and serving over 2500 worshippers every Sunday.

   Pastor Paul frequently refers to himself as "just a simple shepherd," so when Jerry was asked to compose a scene for his retirement, the shepherd theme seemed appropriate. The image depicts the Pastor as a humble shepherd, kneeling before God and presenting to the Lord his flock gathered over 40 years of ministry. The sheep are of several colors and breeds to show diversity. Some stray a bit from the narrow path, but their shepherd has guided all out of the storms and mountains into a peaceful meadow.

Note: This print is no longer available.

Jerry Anderson

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