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"Shadow Ball"

  This print depicts a Lockheed ES-3A "Shadow" turning onto final approach for landing aboard the USS Saratoga. The aircraft is shown in the markings of Fleet Air Reconnissance Squadron Six (VQ-6), the "Black Ravens", which operated the type from 1994-1998, providing tactical electronic reconniassance support.

Size: $29 x 17"
Price: $95


Customized and personalized options:

  Although this was originally done as an oil painting for a former Shadow pilot, the image can be modified to depict either the ES-3A or the S-3A "Viking", which was the base aircraft from which the Shadow was developed. Custom prints can be made to show any Shadow or Viking aircraft, in any squadron markings, and the aircraft carrier can be modified to show any fleet carrier desired. The correct unit patches can also be added in the lower margin, as well as crewmember name with the appropriate wings for Naval Aviator, Naval Flight Officer, or Naval Aircrew. Just send me what you want, and I can make you a print that is customized just for you. There is an additional fee for this work, which varies depending on the amount of work required. Please contact me and we can discuss it!



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