"Christmas Eve"

   For much of the 20th century, railroads were the primary mode of transportation to link communities, move people, and transport goods. This naturally made the local rail station a vital part of any community.

  The Hershey Rail Station was a familiar landmark to all citizens of the town for several decades, a place of joyful reunions, tearful farewells, and the starting point for many an adventure. It also brought raw materials to the Hershey Chocolate factory to be turned into the town's most famous export product, which was then shipped to the world on these same rails.

   Gradually, the role of moving goods was transferred to the trucking industry, and the old train station was torn down in the 1970s to make room for factory expansion. Nevertheless, the image of the station as it was still resides in the memories of many Hershey residents, and recalls a time when travel and life seemed a bit less hectic than they are today.

   Artist Jerry Anderson depicts this classic structure on a snowy Christmas Eve, as the passengers and railroad workers prepare to depart on their holiday journeys.

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